I'm starting to think that mothering sick kids feels like the movie Groundhog Day.  Wake up, change diapers, feed babies, clean up, change clothes, put them back to bed, repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat.  (Come to think of it, all mothering is like that.)  This goes on for days and usually continues through the night.
The post-Christmas sickness caught us again.  The humidifier's been running 24/7 and our medicine cabinet is totally stocked. I've been fine, fortunately, but even with the mild bugs we've had I am getting tired of it.  Poor MG can't catch a break.

In other news, I finally had some guests in my guest room!  Matt & Kim stayed with us for most of the week and it was really fun.  We watched movies and ate and talked late into the night.  I was so glad to have them around, especially when Slice went back to work.

Now I'm looking forward to getting my life (and house) back in order.  I love new year's resolutions, I love setting goals and making plans.  It's the Type 2 in me.  If those darn calendars will get here already ...

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