Dear William,

You are five years old!  We took the training wheels off your bike today, as promised, after you asked us to a hundred times over the last several months.
That's pretty much the stage of life you're in - ready to take off.  You just recently stopped taking naps (a sad day for me). Last month you went to kindergarten screening, last week you graduated from prechool; now you're asking to peel carrots and cut strawberries for dinner. I can't wait for the adventures that will open up to you this next year as you learn to read.

Your personality is effervescent as ever. My mom said to me recently, "I think Will has only one volume: Loud!" We can only shake our heads at the enormous amount of energy you possess. You love to go play with neighborhood friends and disappear for hours.  You also love to find my phone and take silly-face selfies or watch Rescue Bots on Netflix.

You're a good big brother, especially to Lex, who thinks you are the funniest. We've had to start some conversations about NOT saying people are fat or chubby, even if (like Lex) they are.
You and Emma are partners in crime! My favorite thing in the world is when you get treats from something, and you find Emma to share with her. She does the same for you.

We love your enthusiasm, your helpful attitude, and your happy disposition. The only thing you REALLY don't like is when we force you to get dressed. Oh, the tears. I hope we can get over that as we get ready for kindergarten.

You will love school once you start in a few months. You have great social skills and a truly bright mind. We love you, and we are so excited to see what the next year brings!