The updates, for those who care

Believe it or not, I have done more than take pictures this summer. I have a new voice student, and I started giving "group voice lessons" to my younger siblings this week. We'll just have to see how that goes.

A couple weeks ago Slice and I took over a business that his parents set up - in his name - about 3 years ago. We decided to run our photography expenses through it, as well as his golf club repair, golf lessons, clinics, etc. I mostly wanted it so we could keep track of what we owe for tithing.... but it's kind of weird though because now when we make purchases, it's like, do we run this through the business or not? How much money should we keep in that account? What about when we need cash for things like a down payment? Because we're gonna need one sometime in the future.
You know, exciting financial/business questions like that.

Speaking of the business....we want to buy a desktop to put Photoshop on, so we can actually edit photos the way we should. But we've had the biggest fiasco EVER trying to buy an HP, and now I'm thinking we should go a different route. Anyone have any suggestions? We keep talking about buying a Mac, and my goodness, I love Macs, but my goodness, they are so expensive. We could get a comparable computer for 1/3 the price. Is it really worth it?

And last Monday our furnace motor went out. The furnace motor also blows for the Air Conditioner. So we had no A/C for a week, learned a bit about furnaces (and their life expectancy), and yesterday some guys came up to put in a new one. While I was in the shower.
(good times)

Oh! Remember how I got my hair highlighted like 5 weeks ago? Well, this is awesome, but I have NO ROOTS yet. Nothing I can see, even on close inspection.
What does that mean? It means my hair Does. Not. Grow.
Yes. A factual confirmation to my lifelong suspicions.

And finally, our future is still up in the air. Very much in the air.

This is what is happening in the DLM household.

Tag-a-long (not the cookies)

This is the point at which I realize I'm not a real blogger anymore. Occasional up-dater? Maybe. Photoblogger? Probably. Regular reader of 60+ blogs? Yes. But I-must-write-for-my-own-sanity blogger? Definitely not. Not these days, anyway. The words are just not swirling around my brain like they used to.
(Let's hope they come back sometime.)

So. This last weekend I was fortunate enough to accompany my husband on a 2-day getaway otherwise known as a Golf Tournament. The 2009 Utah Section Assistants Championship, to be exact. It was a 36-hole, 2-course event in Heber Valley, and I got to watch the whole thing! At least it was more fun than I thought it would be.... Slice totally made that shot, by the way. It was sweet.

The Homestead was the first course, and the staff let me take an extra cart. Good thing! There was NO WAY I was walking the whole way to watch. It's the most spread-out golf course I've ever seen.

After the first round, we ate and Slice competed in the Putting contest. Another guy tied his top score, so they had a Sudden Death tie-breaker, which he almost won. But the other guy got the $100. Ü
After THAT we checked in and walked around the Homestead and then I totally crashed.
(And I wasn't even the one playing! I swear that boy doesn't need sleep. I don't know how he does it.)Here we are the next morning, the Non-sleeper and the Hunchback of Heber Valley. I look kind of sick, don't you think? Especially compared to my hunk husband. Oh well.
Round 2 was at Soldier Hollow, the place where I witnessed an Olympic Event 7 years ago, (eek) and also where I have been cross-country skiing and tubing before. Loved both.

Ready for another round.
Slice played better that time, for mostly unknown reasons. Personally, I think these birds were good luck:
(He he.)
In the end, Slice was in the middle of the pack of about 50 Assistant Professionals from around the state. I think that's pretty fantastic, considering he's only played golf for about 7 years ..... and some of the guys he played against have been Assistants for 13. I'm pretty sure he was the youngest Pro there.
The future is looking good.
(Except we left our pillows at the Homestead. Darn it all.)


One-Day Vaycay

Last week my family (and by 'family' I mean 'parents and 3 siblings still at home') took a vacation to Moon Lake, where they basically played for six days straight. Slice and I were only able to join them for about half a day, but it was definitely worth the hour-long (beautiful) drive. Slice did a little of this:
And a lot of this:

While I mostly did this:
And unfortunately, we had to leave before we could do this:

Gosh, I love summer.


Public Service Announcement

*As of today, July 15th, Rachel Jean Morgan has declared her candidacy for Roosevelt City Council in the upcoming local election. Primaries will be held September 15th for the two open seats on the Council. More information will be available anon.*

In the Meantime

SO we did a little house-hunting after our offer on a certain house fell through.

(Fell through ... crashed and burned ... same thing.)

Nothing has caught our eye yet, so we decided to sit and wait for a bit. Like, until at least October. That way we can save up more for a down payment - and hopefully house prices in town will drop a little more between now and then.

For now, we are rearranging everything downstairs: closets, bedroom, living room, patio, shed. Not so good with the oh-so-sore muscles and sunburn acquired Saturday. We also are in the process of building a little screen to "hide" the dressers in our living room. It's the first such project we have undertaken, and I'm hoping that works out.

If not, at least we tried.


These are uh...not mine

I am stealing these pictures from Kelsie's blog, I hope you don't mind Kels.

Friday night Cade and Kelsie invited us over for a barbecue and a night of fun! We ate, sumo wrestled, played beach ball volleyball and The Great Dalmuti, possibly the best card game ever. Then they invited us to go boating with them the next morning!
So Saturday we got up early and drove out to Bottle Hollow. The water was great, there were hardly any boats out at first. Slice did some skiing and wakeboarding .... I tried many times but never got up... at least I can hang on to a Water Wienie, right?

Good times! Thanks again, Cade and Kelsie! It was really great to see you!


Gone Fishin'

One thing I have never understood about Slice is his borderline-obsession with fishing. (He gets along well with my Uncle Russ.) A River Runs Through It is one of his top-three favorite movies, I learned when we watched it together a couple weeks ago. Aren't you glad to know?

Anyway, last week he went fishing on a private pond, without me of course. But he caught a couple of fish and some sweet pictures. With my little point-and-shoot even. (The pictures, not the fish....)



Last Christmas Slice's parents gave us a puzzle of the Manti temple and a paper describing the pageant. Their gift to all their children was a 3-day family reunion in Manti, complete with gas money and meals. (The meals part was pretty much awesome. The worst part about planning trips is always the food, right?)

After much talking, packing and driving -with NEW TIRES that is- we finally made it to the campground on a Thursday afternoon. That night we (well, most of us) attended the pageant. It rained on us just enough to make my hair curlier, the rest of me colder, and also the actors slipped on the hill. Very entertaining.
Slice and I, I am sorry to say, both fell asleep halfway through and slept until the end. Kind of depresing. What we saw was lovely though! ... and the experience was worth it. Yes, Farr's ice cream was part of the experience.

I looooove waffle cones.

The next morning we drove around town, looking at some of the historical buildings, and meandering through a labyrinth-boutique that had the most beautiful pieces of furniture I had ever seen. Of course, they came from Europe.

Then in the afternoon we went to Palisades State Park and waited until 6:00 or whenever the paddle boats became available again. Slice and I paddled around a little bit, then headed back to camp for dinner.

I loooooove paddle boats.

(I told him I was putting that picture on the blog - and there it is. Enjoy.)
Saturday it was time to pack up and go home, but Slice and I wanted to do a session at the temple first. So we scrambled to pack up camp, shower, and FIND SLICE'S WALLET AND SHOES....oh wait, he didn't even bring Sunday shoes. So of course we didn't find them.
Miraculously, we made it in to the session we wanted to make, and afterwards asked to see the spiral staircases. I'm so glad we did. That temple is so incredibly beautiful. As I told Slice when we left, Next time I get married, it's going to be in the Manti temple.

After visitng an Estate Sale (where I got a bunch of totally awesome clip-on earrings) we were on our way. The drive home was magnificent as well; there were several points at which Slice wanted to pull over and take pictures. I only let him once, though. I wanted to get home.

I loooooove Slice!

It was a fantastic trip! We really enjoyed the time we were able to spend with Slice's family. And I hope we have many more chances like that in the future.


Don't look here...

So I'm finally updating the photoblog ... check it out here.

(And leave a comment if you like.)