Am I the only one

>who thinks 3-D Ultrasounds are ultra-creepy?

>who gets really excited about finishing a bottle of lotion
(/toothpaste/shampoo/dishwasher soap)
so I can throw it away?

>who dreams about having a house with a REAL DRIVEWAY?


This is what he thinks is funny

Last night after the State of the Union address, I left Slice for a minute while he flipped through channels. I came back to find him lying on the couch, crying, curled up and unable to speak. Without saying anything he pushed play on the DVR and made me watch this commercial:

over and over and over. Maybe you've already seen it?

I didn't think it was that funny, myself, but I've never seen him laugh like that. Ever. So I sat and laughed at him while he laughed (and cried) at the commercial, played it over and over.

Now you know.


The Day that Carolyn Worked her Magic

Warning: hair post ahead.
Well, mostly hair.

Yesterday I was thinking about hair, and c jane, and identity, and of course pregnancy.
(My hair is GROWING NOW!)
("Do we have to get a newsflash every time your body does something?" --What movie, anyone?)

If you know c jane, you know that she mentions her stylist about once a week, because she visits her once a week, which is strange to me; I thought that didn't happen past 1972. My siblings and I used to make fun of my grandma for her weekly hair appointments. We thought she would never move to the Basin and leave her stylist behind. Then she did.

But if you know me, you know that I get my hair cut about twice a year. And I dye it dark every winter, by myself, to fix the two-tone summertime highlights. With semi-permanent dye so I won't have to keep up the process (roots are so tacky). Low maintenance, please.
So yesterday was one of those hair-cutting days.
I was so sick of my hair I complained about it every day for a week. It hadn't been cut since The Great Chop of 2009. I told Carolyn, "Surprise me." She did!

I loved it! And so did Slice! (Triple score.)

He loved it so much, in fact, that when I got home he made me pose for a photoshoot during Biggest Loser commercials.

But the only three pictures I liked are the ones posted here. And they don't show my face or my haircut that well.

I'm just not photogenic, okay?

Take my word for it, the haircut's awesome.

Yesterday I also wore maternity clothes for the first time. Five months pregnant and finally wearing maternity clothes. Sweet.


coming along

We've started choreography practices for our Center Stage show coming up in March, which I'm getting excited for, because it's going to be SO GREAT. The kids are really, really fun to work with.
(Also talented.)

My baby bump is now at the awkward stage where I don't always look pregnant, just kinda pudgy.
Today I went through my clothes and packed the ones I won't fit in for another year or so ....[fingers crossed].....
but we haven't really been taking pictures of the ballooning. The best/newest we've got,
included especially for Megan -
- because I think it's funny.

And, Slice is back in school (college classes, that is) and has decided he wants to be a Japanese teacher. I remind him that he will have to go to more school to be a teacher, but he thinks he can get around that somehow.


And the Lesson for Today is....

Even if it's just a .22 Mag (revolver) and
with no problems, and
your companions tell you
not to worry about it,


Because you just might be the one who gets that impossible sound wave that goes straight through your ear.

And then you'll wait a month to find out that

it's nerve damage and
if you're one of the lucky 50%,
your hearing will come back, but
it will most likely take a year
or more.

Take my advice, and
Don't take your chances.

Over and out.


For Leia

Now, I know that names are a completely personal thing. You may love something that I think is totally absurd. That's just how it goes.

But can't we come to some kind of collective understanding? That some names are just unacceptable? Like, for example, the high school kid named Dam'n (pronounced Damon). Funny, parents, very funny.

Here are a few of the names I saw last week, categorized as well as I could categorize them ... meaning, many of them fit in more than one category. See for yourself.

Attack of the Ys:

Names I think I know, but spelled so wrong I'm not sure:

Haven't heard/seen this before, were your parents going for "unique"?

I have no clue what this is and I'm afraid to read it out loud*:
Ela Dion
* I tried to keep the ethnic names off this list

I did not make any of these up.


Patron Checkout History

One of the things I love most about the Harry Potter series is it got people reading. And keeps them reading.

Even Special Ed students.
(Whom I love.)


It's Elementary

I've had nineteen K-3 classes come into the library. I talk to them a little bit about MLK-day and Civil Rights, then I give out library cards to those who brought their books, so they can check out new ones.
As you can imagine, the days have been really amusing.

Me: "Can anyone tell me what holiday we are celebrating on Monday?"
Kids: "Valentine's Day?"
"President's Day?"
"Um, like, a family holiday where you celebrate and eat food."

Me: "Now, who knows who Martin Luther King was?"
Kids: "A President!"
"Where's Mrs. Arko?"
"A guy who wanted everyone to be fair."

Top books checked out/requested:
Star Wars
Christmas - I can't believe how many Christmas books I've checked out!
Disney Princesses

"Whose sock is this?"
(Someone lost a SOCK. We never figured out who.)

"Teacher, I don't have a library card yet."
"It's OK. I can look up your name so you can check out a book."
"Samantha. S - A - M ---"
"What's your last name?"
"How do you spell it?"
"I have NO idea."

And, possible my favorite, is "What book is this?" from the kindergarteners. They don't even know what the title is or the book is about, they just pick books that appeal to them. I love it.

(Also, this Utah name phenomenon - is it really just Utah? - is getting out of hand, straight up. TAMN's right on; I've been able to pronounce about half of the kids' names by looking at them. The rest are outrageous. Parents! You are not doing your children a favor! Or any of their teachers, administrators, potential employers, etc. Think about it.)

(I promise I will stop blogging lists. Maybe. I think my pregnant brain needs things prioritized thus.)


By Numbers

Slice always lets me know when it's been too long since I blogged. (Usually he's not the first.)
But this week! My heavens!

Let me count the ways:

Three jobs. I worked a 10.5-hr day Monday and have been exhausted ever since. Not just because it was long, but because most of those hours were spent working hard. I started on inventory this week - standing, bending, lifting, climbing - and have tried to get as much done as possible every day.

Five bathroom trips in seven hours. I know it will only get worse. Thanks.

Two days (today and tomorrow) substituting at the Elementary School library. A different world entirely...And I've already been asked about the Twilight books! Poor dears.

One point two hours spent waiting in an office for the ear doctor, who talked to me for 5 minutes (tops) before sending me away with an appointment for a hearing test next week. Two options: nerve damage or fluids.

Two or three days I've forgotten to take my vitamins, which I'm sure is contributing to the fatigue.

Fourteen couples from our ward in the temple session Tuesday night, highlight of the week for sure.

Four inches I swear I have gained around my waist in a week. It hurts.

Approximately no sleep on account of achy legs, frequent tearing sensation in-the-stomach, and constant "Can't sleep on my back!" fears.

Two more days until the weekend.

One wonderful life.


to the one who won't read this

Happy Birthday to my favorite Elder, one year later.

You're awesome and
We miss you.

Also -
You're gonna miss the birth of my firstborn.


What We Know So Far

19 weeks- finally something to show

  • IT is most definitely a HE. HE was not being very cooperative today, trying to make us think he was a girl (that was an interesting half-hour), but he does seem to put on a show for us every ultrasound: yawning, smiling, waving, etc.
  • He is a vegetarian. Or at least, he wants Mama to be.
  • He also wants Mama to go to bed early, sleep in cold rooms, and eat every few hours.


  • He wants to be a ninja. (I know, I know, everyone says that. But seriously.) I'm pretty sure he knows that Daddy always wanted a Japanese baby .... and that we have a Samurai practice sword IN OUR HOUSE.
What have we done.

These pictures make me miss Asia ... sort of.

So my brother is in China right now, sending us pics from Beijing, Hong Kong, the Great Wall.

Beijing was cold. Not jealous.

But I do kind of miss those sweet vans (that are everywhere!), and also Asians. I really love Asians.

Isn't that last picture awesome? Good job Brent.


Santa brought the Spring Cleaning bug

Either the nesting instinct is kicking in early,
or my so-so organization skills
(slash tendency to hang on to things for too long - don't say the word)
is finally catching up with me.

I am tearing the house apart.

Moving furniture, cleaning out cupboards, reorganizing, redecorating, etc.
Any time I'm not working, I get antsy.

(That's why I was so excited about the filing cabinet!)

Seems pretty bad now, but it'll be nice later ....


The Reason

At some point in time between August and October, I had the impression that our trip to Japan would change our lives forever.

Why else would Slice and I, poor newlyweds, have the chance to go to JAPAN for a month? Sure, it's smart to travel before you have kids. Sure we were able to do it cheap because we're young and don't "need" hotels, tour buses, restaurants, or real beds. We could change plans at the last minute (several times); go wherever the wind blew us.
Still, there had to be a Reason. I believe in Reasons.

So I've contemplated for five long months just what the reason(s) might be.
Will we adopt a child from overseas someday? Find a job in Japan, live there for months or years? Return in four decades for church service? Will I write a book inspired by my travels in East Asia? (Ha.) I'm open to possibilities.

Obviously, it could take a long time for any of these Reasons to make themselves apparent, if they do at all. But something important has already happened.

I'm finally ready to settle down.
(Bear with me here....)

I've worried for years that I might be unhappy as a stay-at-home mother. I've yearned for travel, post-graduate schooling, a mission; wondered why I married so early. Practically until our Japan trip, I was bitter about not being able to serve a mission.
No longer!

I learned some things in Japan (and the subsequent six weeks).
I learned that I love my bed and my food and family and my jobs - and most of all, my husband.
I am so happy to be eighteen-months-married and looking forward to the birth of our first child.
I admire the missionaries who devote 18 / 24 DIFFICULT months of their lives to serving others and the Lord. Nothing can replace those experiences, I know.
I am grateful for my University degree and everything I have learned in school. I'm grateful for the skills I gained, even if I'm not using them right now, because they have made me a better person.
I'm grateful for the chance I have to be a mother. I love this little dude inside of me.
My husband is going to be the greatest father in the world. I can hardly wait to see it.
All of this to say,
I am content.
That is a real miracle in itself.


new year

I have it on good authority that

Christmas = fun
New Years = disappointing

and generally, boys are to blame for the disappointment.

After years of Tri-Stake dances where the boys didn't show up, or just didn't dance, and other years of "exclusive" parties, I thought I would actually have a fun evening with my husband. I didn't.

This year, at least, was not too bad. Slice and I spent the holiday with our favorite Springville residents - future neighbors, right? - we stayed up late and slept in later. Over the course of 3 days we ate some fabulous Japanese food (thanks to Slice), finally spent our gift card at Sears, enjoyed the Marketplace Buffet at Brick Oven, and discovered the goodness of IKEA (2 trips, 5 hours and $150 later...I am the HAPPY! owner of this and some other things).
A successful trip, I'd say.

Welcome 2010!

(Can I have my hearing back???)