Because I now have a scanner, and I know you want to see old pictures of me

One day when I was three years old, I woke up with my eyes crossed.  And ... they didn't uncross.  My mom took me to an eye doctor in downtown Salt Lake.

"Was she under stress at birth?" Dr. Aldous asked - one of the very first questions.
"Yes." (I was by FAR her worst delivery. Posterior, epidural gone wrong, you know.)
I was far-sighted and had amblyopia, or lazy eye.  My sisters were teasing me at home.  I got glasses.
So began the routine: eye exams every six months (including dilation UGH), picking new glasses every year, and looking for them the rest of the time.  In fact, you might say my childhood was spent looking for lost glasses.  At least once I even prayed that I would find them, hoping to avoid my mother's wrath.
(It worked. God is good.)

My lazy eye was so bad that I had to wear a patch for a summer.  I got eyedrops every night - which I hated - and wore a flesh-colored sticky patch.  Kind of like a big BandAid.  Man, those hurt coming off.
But my parents promised me a new bike if I did what was asked, and I did, so I got one.

One thought that never crossed their minds, I'm sure, was that I could be too faithful to the doctor's orders.  For a 5-year-old, I was quite an avid reader, and the eye that was weak got much stronger.  Too strong.
A few years later, I had to wear a patch on the other eye for another summer.  I can still remember the whispers and stares, the pointing fingers I endured that time.
As far as I know there are no pictures of me with a patch.  Sad, isn't it?

Just before sixth grade I got another pair of new glasses - and promptly lost them.  Like, that night.  My mom was so furious she told me I'd have to go without.
So I did.

A year later I got my eyes checked again; I had 20/20 vision.  My eyes had somehow fixed themselves.  
I didn't wear glasses for twelve more years.
(I was hoping it would be a LOT longer than that.)
Liam saying "truck"

It's been much more of an adjustment than I anticipated, but I've had two headache-free days after weeks and weeks of headaches, so I guess things are looking up.

Looking up?  Got it?


Fig said...

I love all three of those pictures SO much. But especially the first one.

Tay said...

JEAN. I just got those same glasses (your current ones). At least they look incredibly similar. I should get a picture for you.


Jean said...

Tay, really?? Were yours the cheapest ones in the store? Cause mine were. (But I picked them out before I knew that.)
You should definitely send me a picture. Def-definitely.

Jean said...

And, thank you Fig. I would be lying if I said I hadn't taken about 50 self-portraits in the last week, trying to get one I liked.
I was a pretty cute little girl though. :)

The Farrers said...

Why don't I remember that we have such a similar childhood history? Amblyopia - check. Patch - check. Glasses - check. Wow!

The Wintertons said...

haha that totally made my day! :) FYI... I wore a patch as a kid too! So yes, I know what it's like! as well as the big rimmed glasses. Yep, had those too! :) But your new glasses are great! LOVE THEM!

Kendra said...

Your new classes are so adorable!!

Jean said...

Laurel - I didn't know you wore a patch. By the time we met, my glasses were gone ... maybe that's why?

Michemily said...

Those really are cute glasses. I hope my eyes can fix themselves, too, because even though I had LASIK five years ago, I think my distant sight is shot . . .

Heather said...

Cute Rach. I love the glasses, and the first picture of you. I think that is my favorite dress. In fact, I still have it in case you want EG to wear it. I'm sure I wasn't the sister that teased you either. :)

Jean said...

Heath - I love the dress! If you have another boy, maybe I will borrow it for MG for a while.
Also, you're right, it was mostly Ang teasing me. :)

key-a-nae said...

So! I was just reading through old posts (because that is what I do when I am tired of doing homework) and I realized that I wore that same mermaid costume when I was in high school. That baby was definitely worth every dime it cost! :)