Coming to you from a state of well-rested-ness

I think last night was the best night's sleep I've had in over two months.
Six hours of uninterrupted dreams, and MG is still sleeping while Liam makes messes - which puts me in the rare position of being both able AND willing to blog.

Newest epiphany:

I am living a bipolar life.
Slice working, Slice not working.
Too depressed to blog, too busy to blog.
Babies screaming, babies sleeping and/or being irresistibly darling.
Feeling overwhelmed, feeling lazy.
(Actually, the last two often happen simultaneously.  When I feel like it's too much, I put on Netflix.  Liam has discovered Sesame Street; I have recently discovered Downton Abbey and Psych.)
Exhaustion, energy.
Sickened, pleased.
Headaches, sleep.

What this means, I guess, is that I only blog when I'm between a 3 and a 7 on the emotional scale.
(You've all seen that, right?)
And that doesn't happen very often.

Coming soon:  Back in Glasses

Now, I'm off to save the day!


Tay said...

I would like to recommend 'Inspector Lewis' because it's freaking awesome. You won't regret watching it.

SAM and RACHEL said...

amen....that's all.

oh and....curious george is our most watched netflix show....it's the best! mixed with some shaun the sheep.

And when it's not for the kids....we've recently discovered storage wars. i'm not sure why but it totally captures me. luckily there aren't very many episodes.

one more thing....i'm heading out to roosevelt/vernal next weekend. who all still lives out there. and what in the world is there to do with my kids for 3 days? i've never looked at the basin with a mommy perpective.