Banana Tree

Bananas are awesome. You can put them in cereal, crepes, bread, and pie. You can make ice cream sundaes and fruit smoothies with them. They transport easily and go with almost anything.

But here's the thing. Bananas are best eaten before they are ripe. That day-before hint of green is the sign of perfect timing. So if you buy a big bunch, and they all ripen at the same rate, you end up eating seven bananas in one day! Then you get sick of them.

Anyway, the problem could be solved if you went to the grocery store three times a week and bought a few almost-ripe bananas each time. But who wants to go to the grocery store three times a week? Not me, that's who. I pretty much hate grocery shopping.

I need a banana tree.

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Anonymous said...

This was the best blog ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D