About Us

Hi, my (middle) name is Jean. I call my husband Slice on this blog.  It wouldn't be hard to find our real names.

I'm the fifth of twelve children, which probably explains a lot.

Slice and I met in high school, shortly after we both moved to Roosevelt from other places in Utah.  He fell in love with my family instantly.
We bonded over Sunday-night singing, BH-related activities, and Stagelight, which he now claims he joined just for me.  I called him Slice even then; he called me Sis, which was perfect.  I was anxious to keep our friendship just that.  See, I was in love with one of his best friends.

After high school Slice tried to win me over.  He came to Provo for golf tournaments and stayed to take me to dinner, or to hit on my girlfriends, or both.  Then he left for a two-year mission in Japan, I spent a semester in Europe, and my mom and sisters wrote Slice more letters than I did.  They said I would marry him.  I laughed and said no way.
(Until the day he got back.)
We dated for five weeks before he proposed and were married June 20, 2008.  I finished up my history/music degree at BYU and moved back to Roosevelt to be near family.

Slice worked at the Roosevelt Golf Course for ten years, coaching high school golf teams on the side. Then he worked in the oilfield for five years. I worked in the high school library and my dad's law office. I also ran for City Council once, directed a performing group twice, and currently teach piano lessons.

We have four children - two boys and two girls. Our family is perfect and we should probably quit while we're ahead.

I love music and history, literature and dessert.  Slice loves everything and is good at all of it. Golf, gadgets, cooking, Japanese, Youtube, guns .... you name it. How one person can have all the hobbies is completely beyond me.