Six years of motherhood!

My Dear Will,

It's summer, and that means your birthday!  You were confused this year because you knew that "summer" means "school's out," and you got out on May 27th, but your birthday wasn't 'til the next week. We had a few days of arguing over that.

You LOVED going to school this year!You would drop anything if I told you it was time to get ready for school. Your teacher gave out awards to each student at the end of the year, and you got the Snickers Award. Mrs. Guymon said you always had a smile or a snicker - that didn't surprise me at all. You liked everything about school: carpool, field trips, recess, friends, art, music. One day your dad came to talk to the class about being a firefighter, and that was the coolest thing ever.

You are growing like a weed. Truly. We gave you new (Star Wars) pajamas and shoes for Christmas, and they're already too small for you. It startles me sometimes to see how tall you are getting. You're also getting to be a pretty good reader. You improved leaps and bounds over the school year, and now you love to read us the back of the cereal box or the advertisement on the side of the computer screen. We love to listen to you!

The things you love most these days are Legos and Star Wars, and older boys to play with. You've mostly grown out of the Rescue Bots phase, which makes me a little sad. But you do play nicely with Emma, and you've learned how to compromise. We had such a fun trip to Disneyland in Novermber. You still talk about it all the time.

Lots of big things have happened over the last year! You learned to ride a 2-wheeler, you went ice fishing with Uncle Russ, you got your own room for a while, and then you got a baby brother who now shares your room. He adores you (the feeling is mutual). You've been helpful and happy with George, and we just have the perfect little family with 2 boys and 2 girls. We have been so blessed.

You had a hard time adjusting to Dad being home all the time after he lost his job. You didn't like having two adults bossing you around all the time. It's better now, and we've all had more fun with Dad, since you get to run errands and go golfing with him. We're going to miss him when he's gone for three months this fall. After that, who knows what will happen?!

We love you so much Will and can't imagine life without you!