My life for the last few weeks has been pretty much consumed by UBOC.

We had sectionals every Tuesday evening, 3-hour rehearsals on Saturdays and one all-day marathon that left us totally wiped out. (Especially me, because I was singing first soprano and Mack Wilberg is NOT EASY on his first sopranos.  I'll tell you what.)
Plus, we had to commute to Vernal every time.
The feelings are indescribable, really, so I'll just say that we came away from rehearsals strangely energized. Craig Jessop is a true master and still, the kindest conductor I've ever seen. It was remarkable to watch him correct, cajole, shape and conjure. He gave us direction and laughter and fascinating anecdotes, not to mention all the catch-phrases.
We loved him.

When I left BYU, I didn't expect to sing in a good choir again. My hard-earned skills were doomed to decay. I've been thinking a lot about the many (so many!) hours I spent in the Madsen Recital Hall, the lonely times and the solace of music. The joy I found in being part of something bigger than myself.
And that's what choral singing is to me: becoming one. A single conductor, a single song, many voices with a single goal.  Creating something beautiful.
There's really nothing else like it.