He knew I was too chicken to do it otherwise

Last Tuesday Slice surprised me with an "early anniversary" present. (There were a few of those.) He called a local salon and made an appointment for me to get my hair cut and highlighted, probably because I've been talking about it for so long he got sick of listening to me.
(I may also have been compulsively measuring my hair for donation and looking at short, blond haircuts for weeks on end....)

BUT - my sisters and I had been planning to donate our hair together, so I was a little worried about their reaction. In the end, we just called and got them appointments too, so the three of us went together and donated our hair- 10 inches each. Of course, we got some Before and After pictures:
Do you see how pitifully thin my hair looks compared to my sisters'?
Yeah, that's because it IS. When the stylist cut off Em's ponytail, she showed it to another stylist, who compulsively said "Tree trunk!" How did they get it all?

And that's how it went down. More pictures can be found at the family blog.
What do you think??


PiĆ³n said...

looks funny
gratings froms europe

amy morgan said...

LOVE IT! Way to take the leap! You ALL look darling!

Cade and Kelsie said...

Too Cute! Doesn't it feel good to donate your hair?

Eddington's said...

Oh Rachel!! First off I LOVE that you (that would be ALL of you) donated your hair! I have wanted to do that for some time, but my hair doesn't like to grow... second I'm not going to lie I got so teary eyed seeing you three with short hair! I LOVE your LONG hair!!! But all three of you look AMAZINGINGLY (is that a word?) beautiful with short hair too!! Love and MISS you all!