UBIC 2010

Last weekend we did it again.  But this year there was a tennis tournament organized by Dann.  Slice played both singles and doubles; I took pictures and cheered him on.
(He didn't win.)

Saturday morning parade, complete with pictures of Sam, Liam slept until the noisy trucks drove past.  Then he was fussy the rest of the time.

That afternoon we had a Class Reunion, which was fun until we got rained out.  Some of us decided to go on a BH reunion cruise next May.  Then we went bowling.

Saturday night was the Patty Loveless concert and grand fireworks at the park.  Liam was asleep again, so Slice and I left our families on the front lawn and ran -RAN- to the same place we always watch the fireworks, only to find that of all our friends who pledged to come to the same spot every year, none of them actually did.
(Doesn't that sound so like second-grade girls?)
At least the baby stayed asleep.

Liam sleeps
awesome fireworks
Jean runs for the first time in probably a year, and pays for it the next day
no friends

Any suggestions on a cruise?

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Syd said...

NOT Carnival! They are more like a drinking/gambling cruise line. Though they claim to be kid friendly. Royal Caribbean, Caribbean (not sure if they are different) or Disney I've heard good things about though.