I want my brain back.


I was not going to lose my mind after I birthed the Goblin.  I've heard from various women that it happens, but of course it won't happen to me, I'm different, yadda yadda.

Well I forgot some Very Important Items while packing for my little trip including, but not limited to: cell phone charger (with a nearly-dead phone), baby bathsoap & medicine, extra blankets, enough diapers, a decent memory card, tripod and "reflectors."
20 diapers in 36 hours?!!

I also Pricelined a hotel that turned out to be more expensive than if we had just found one on our own because I was running around like a crazy person, trying to pack while my baby screamed and/or slept in the swing.

During the drive I turned off the phone for a while, hoping to make the battery last longer.  Behold, my cell phone battery is a battery of wonders and verily, it lasted until the trip home today.  Amen.

Yesterday my main camera battery died just when I was getting set up and I couldn't get the memory card to work. (Of course!)  So I ran back and forth between the car and the park several times, left my keys on a tree branch - a tree branch?! - found an Office Max while looking for a Walmart and bought another card, while Lu and Dustin watched my baby.

Behold, my baby is a baby of wonders and verily, he slept through the ENTIRE frantic setup, photo shoot and subsequent drive back to the hotel.  But he used up all his Sleep Cash, so by nighttime he was bone dry.

It seems the child doesn't like to sleep in hotels or to be away from home, period.  So after two terrible nights I threw in the towel and we headed for home.  Forget the Tanger Outlets, Shabby Apple garden sale, car auction, GOLF TOURNAMENT.  I didn't get to watch Slice play at all.

I might have stayed, if I had brought my cell phone charger and more diapers along.

This damage is irreversible, isn't it?


Cade and Kelsie said...

Good luck traveling has been super hard on Tacen. Hope Liam settles back into his routine and good luck getting your brain back. I am still waiting for mine. I hear it takes a while!

Bonnie said...

Oh - I'm so sorry about everything, but especially the non-sleeping baby at night. I'm pretty convinced that that is basically the worst feeling ever, not being able to sleep because your progeny is awake (even if they're happy, which they're usually not).

I feel like I've lost my mind fairly regularly - I pretty much have to write everything down.

And traveling with a baby is always difficult, but especially by yourself. I applaud you on it.

I can tell you're already an amazing mother - do you think the sacrifices get easier or harder from here on out?

Fig said...

People used to be all, oh just wait until you get pregnant, it makes you so stupid. And I was like, whatevs, you're just stupid on your own and like having a fetus to blame it on.

Ha. Ha.

I feel like I'm getting back a little bit of the brain juice I lost during pregnancy, but I've still got a loooong way to go. 'Cause I lost a lot of brain juice. (I could NOT strain things in the sink while pregnant. I dumped the pasta/broccoli/potatoes/whatever down the sink EVERY TIME. And saved the water.)

Jean said...

Bons, I thought about your question a lot and then I forgot to answer it.

I think, I hope, the sacrifices get easier. To go from being an individual to a parent is such a huge shock - having another person dependent on you for every human need, losing control over your own body and schedule (and brain) and LIFE - that I think after the initial adjustment, everything else will be small stuff.

That was a really long sentence. But that's what I think.

And then there are those people who just keep giving, and giving, and giving, to ten or twelve kids ... maybe by the end it's not such a sacrifice at all.