Me as a mother

Pseudonym-er. We don't call the baby Liam, except occasionally in reference to the blog.  That's his bloggy name.  Just in case you were wondering.

Broken record. I catch myself repeating everything I say to him.  I'm my own echo!  Sweet!

Identification Sympathizer.  Every time I burp Liam, I burp myself. (sorry, TMI?  does this happen to anyone else?)
  (Also, have any of you seen The Disorderly Orderly?)

Washer Woman.  I am so so sooooo glad we have a washer/dryer downstairs.  I am doing laundry pretty much every other day.

Television junkie.  We only have one car and Slice often works 14-15 hour days.  And, there's not much I can do while I'm nursing.  So I know what shows are on, when.  Including Tyra.
This is a tragedy, I KNOW.


amy morgan said...

TYRA?! That IS a tragedy ;) I just lost a few braincells THINKING about her show!

Bonnie said...

Burping - yes, it happens to me as well. I've always thought it was weird.

Brittney said...

found your blog from someone else's.. made me laugh.. i just had to throw in that all nursing moms SHOULD get an iPod Touch. With wireless internet in our house, the possibilities are endless. I can check email, surf the web, or even do something like read a book with the Kindle app or read my scriptures. It's AWESOME