In this house, the traditional gift-giving holidays usually go something like this:
I make a gift for Slice, it doesn't turn out like I hoped it would.
He writes me a love note and/or tells me something is coming later.  Sometimes he tells me what that "something" is, but more often he doesn't.

You can guess how we spent this Valentine's Day.

I wanted to make this for Slice but Kiana came home from the store with this. (Ouch!)
I made these cookies with salted butter and forgot to decrease the salt I put in.  (Oops.)
Slice worked late, so when he came home we had Velveeta shells & cheese for dinner.  Then he fell asleep on the living room floor at 8:30 while I watched Psych downstairs.  Then he went back out to a well at midnight. (Romantic!)
MG got her first taste of candy
Little did I know that he'd made plans for the day he got off work.  He called a boutique in Vernal to ask the employees where they got their hair done.  Then he called the salon and made an appointment for me - manicure, cut & highlights.  Then he arranged for Kylie to watch my babes overnight so we could stay in a hotel.  AND he almost kept it a secret, but at the last minute decided it would be easier if I knew what was happening.

So we went away.  I never spent the night away from Liam until I was in the hospital with MG, and I would probably have objected except that I figured it was the best possible scenario: someone who already lives with us and loves the kids (and they love her!), and I knew could handle them for the 18 hours we were gone.

It was a really nice break - mostly just weight off my mind for a few hours - but I forgot one thing.  I can't sleep in hotels.

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Cade and Kelsie said...

How fun! Sorry you can't sleep in hotels, but what a fun little get away!