For the Love

For Valentine's Day I made Slice a recipe box.

Remember how he wanted one for Christmas, but I didn't get him one because he MADE ME PROMISE not to buy him any gifts?
(And because I am such a 'good' wife that I actually kept that promise?)

But- I'm always thinking of ways to encourage his cooking habits. Because I LOVE that Slice cooks, I really do. Not that I can't cook or I refuse (although I do prefer the baking side of food preparation), but this he-cooks I-eat cycle is such a beautiful thing; I just don't see why I should interfere with it.

So, about a week ago I had the idea to make a recipe box out of old library catalog cards, cookbook indexes and cast-off cardboard. I figured it would turn out either cute or really ugly.
(You know I'm not the craftiest person alive.)

After two days of sneaky work -much longer than I'd anticiapted!- it turned out mostly cute. I think.

Now I just have to leave it alone ....

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