it's Thursday again

This is what happens when The Photog stays in bed, even though I (sort of) asked him to take a picture this morning because it's Thursday.
What are we at now, 24 weeks? I don't even know exactly.
Maybe that's weird.

For those who are wondering, I have gained approximately 11 pounds. I still wear my regular clothes about half of the time, thanks to all those clothes I bought in college when I weighed more than I do even now (see here for details). I don't drink enough water, I don't exercise at all, and I eat a lot of oatmeal and fruit snacks. I also take naps when I can.
Obviously, not much has changed.

Baby has a favorite song - if jumping frantically and beating against the chamber through the entire thing is any indication of favoritism (see here for details). We sang it at the end of choir practice Sunday, and OH BOY can this child move.
He also gets excited whenever Daddy is around and talking. Practicing his golf swing in there, no doubt.
Too bad I won't be able to help with that.

Yesterday I went to German class to talk about Austria. I was so excited about it, I took almost an hour instead of the 20 minutes I was supposed to take .... whoops. This speaking opportunity made me realize three things:
  1. I did not bring back anything from Austria for myself. Salt & Pepper shakers for Mom, miniature Black Forest clock for Dad, Mozart puppet for Em, nothing (except large clothes) for me. Check.
  2. Gosh, I miss it! I miss the food and the old beautiful buildings, the churches, the opera. I miss hearing and speaking German every day. Someday I'll go back, just you wait and see.
  3. I'm so lucky to have experiences to talk to foreign-language students about. Two classes in two months? (Seven countries in three years??)
SERIOUSLY, SO GRATEFUL that my life hasn't turned out the way I thought it would.


Fig said...

That is a really nice belly. I like it.

Tay said...

Use big cups and waterbottles and you will find yourself drinking more than enough water. :) Exercise is subjective, just walk whenever you can. And Kegels. As long as you're taking your pre-natals and trying to avoid crap foods, you should be fine. When I was pregnant I just counted it good if I ate a meal that day and didn't puke it up.

You have a lovely belly. Not at all huge. (Speaking of huge, you should have seen me the last few weeks with Sean in mine, BOY HOWDY.)

Shahana said...

Congratulations for having a baby inside you. When I was pregnant I also start loving different kind of food.