monday ramblings 1

feeling a bit under the weather
(colds + pregnancy = so fun ... now neither of my ears work properly)

thinking it's probably because of everything I'm bottling up
(no one loves dirty laundry aired on the Internets, but you'll hear about it later anyway)

combined with 5-hour Center Stage rehearsals, 3 jobs, various projects, etc.

and turns out-
it is really nice to have someone who understands the
you are living with, and
who still loves you anyway.
Especially when he shops, cooks meals and washes the dishes while you sleep.

someone else knows what you're going through -
and don't you love it when you realize that
scriptures, Sacrament Meeting talks and choir pieces
were written just for you?

I love that.


Fig said...

Cold + pregnancy = death. Okay, that's dramatic.

Did you see the Cold-Eeze CJane talked about? I tried them this weekend and they actually worked pretty well.

And speak for yourself, I love dirty laundry aired on the Internet. :-)

(Hope things are better soon.)

Jean said...

You know, the more I think about it, I should have said "EVERYONE loves dirty laundry aired on the internet."

I'll have to try that stuff. Anything at this point!