Well, this is neat

Next week we will be hosting a "Wordle Week" here in the LMC. I have spent many days preparing.

(Don't you wish your job was that fun!)

If you've been reading here long enough, you may recall that I check our top titles semi-obsessively. I even figured out how to manipulate them so I know what books have been checked out the most over the last one, three, five years, etc. So ... of course I had to Wordle them. Combining library stats with Wordles is, like, eating raspberries and Crème brûlée.

Top 50 checkouts since 2005- Fiction

Top 50 checkouts since 2005 - Non-fiction
(I played with those a little because Manga books took up the whole list)

And....since we've been talking about names here....

First names of UHS Freshmen

Not as bad as the Elementary School kids, for sure!

This program was brought to you by http://www.wordle.net.
Stay tuned for more Wordles.


Fig said...

These wordles made me happy. Well, minus the giant "Eclipse" and stuff. But hey, kids reading is good. No matter what.

"A Child Called It" gives me the shivvies.

Michemily said...

So cool!

Michemily said...

Thanks for letting me know my link to this awesome post was weird. Somehow I pasted it twice into the field for links. Oops. It should work now. :) I'm also hankering to paint my countertops . . . and I don't have any. ;)