Fast Sunday hymns

Our ward organist, I am sorry to say, is one of those ward organists who plays every hymn at exactly half-speed.

(Note: I AM NOT ASKING FOR HIS JOB. I couldn't do any better, even if I did take that organ class at BYU, Mother. The class nearly kicked my trash.)

We all know that a hymn taken too fast can be irreverent, right? But hello, nothing takes the spirit out of a meeting like "True to the Faith" as a funeral march. Or any hymn as a funeral march. Also, when the organ registration gets louder and more boisterous with each verse and sometimes the chorus.

The good thing to be gained from such looooong hymns every meeting, I suppose, is the ample time to make faces at siblings. There were times when Matt and I barely made it through ... oh the pain.
(We've had the same organist for quite a while.)

(And last week at my uncle's funeral Slice actually said, "It's nice to hear a hymn played at the right speed!")


The other great thing about this brother is that yesterday he pulled a Pat Robertson, postulating to the ward that the snowstorm in D.C. is really a warning to our government. I'm sure he's not the only one who thinks so, but still, I squirmed in my seat, Slice kept telling me to be quiet - I WAS being quiet - while he blasted everything from health care reform to the national debt.

I love this church.
*image kifed from my friend Bree, who I hope doesn't mind! and who is a MUCH better organist than I am, I'm sure


Fig said...

I walk out of F&T meetings on a regular basis. My own quiet little protests. :-)

But really, I love the Morms too. For the entertainment if nothing else.

Jean said...

You don't sit in front, do you? My fam has been 2nd-row sitters for my entire life. Could create quite a stir with dad sitting on the stand .... ha!

Fig said...

No, but that would be lots more awesome. I dare an Edd to stage a second-row walkout some day.

Eddington's said...

Oh Rachel!!! I laughed... HARD... when I read this. Mainly because both Brent and I have complained MANY times about the music! The best part is when the chorister keeps leaning over and saying "faster...play faster" over and over, and nothing really happens or the music is faster for MAYBE one or two measures and then back to the same tempo! Oh well, what can you do?! Loved the post though, thanks for the laugh! :)

Miriam said...

Ha-ha! Yes to the music, yes to the snowstorm message (I just rolled my eyes.) We must attend the same ward!

Brit said...

This also made me laugh, because I think his organ playing was among my first memories in good old Roosevelt! Ha Ha oh the good ol' days before we became real adults! Ha Ha!

Bree Anne said...

Oh dear, I totally know what u mean. In fact, I think that's why I have the opposite problem... I tend play too fast. I guess I'm just making up for all those slow ones we suffer through...

p.s. I'm honored that u like my picture enough to kife it :)

Bree Anne said...

p.p.s. If u had heard me SLAUGHTER #89 last Sunday, u would have NO doubt that u can play MUCH better than me!