We must be breeding an Army

I was talking to one of our Primary teachers during Sharing Time on Sunday (shame, I know) who also happens to be pregnant. We counted up the pregnant women in our ward - six that we could think of - and we realized that everyone who "knows" by now is expecting a boy.

Then I started thinking of my friends who are pregnant, and most of them are having boys.

Almost all of my pregnant cousins are also having boys.

What could it be?

Who will they marry?

(China, I'm asking you.)


Tay said...

Maybe my next one will be a girl. Then they can all fight over her.

Fig said...

Our girl baby is the first of her kind in our Tulsa ward for like two years. We seriously have about 17 baby boys.

Lots of options for my baby - yours is going to have to step up his game. :-)

Ashley and Kevin said...

The China comment had me laughing out loud. But not LOL-ing, because I hate that. -Ashley

T.R. Morgan said...

Don't forget Marie is having a boy.