"getting through"

So I keep reading these blog posts about "getting through January"
and "how to survive February"
as if winter was such a drudgery, it's a disappointment to wake up every morning.
As if we were better off dead.

Maybe it's just me - or maybe it's the two family funerals in six days that helps to put things in perspective - but if you are living life just to get through it, aren't you missing something?

Like LIFE?

And on a related note:
If you think winter is miserable and you live somewhere that gets ABOVE FREEZING temperatures during the day, or where you can go to a museum/swimming pool/restaurant/Target/non-school arts performance less than 30 miles away, or where you can BUY A SHAKE PAST 9:00 ON FRIDAY NIGHT, don't complain to me. Your woes are falling on deaf ears.

Thank you.


Fig said...

I have to "get through" January and February. And don't think I'm not absolutely dreading coming back to the Roos. We have been weighing the pros (family) against the cons (winter) very seriously.

It's the lack of sunshine.

(But seriously about the shakes. True story.)

Eddington's said...

Tell me about this book "The Help" I had a neighbor say she was reading it, but didn't get into details... is it good what is it about?

Oh, and isn't it about time for another picture of that belly... the answer is yes, I think so...

Miriam said...

Amen to it all!

Heather said...

I love it! I'm sad about the deaf ears though. I must admit I am one that is enjoying the sunshine. For some reason, though, the Basin tugs at the heart strings every now and then, and we have to make the mecca home. I am a little worried about the trip this week. We might just freeze solid when we get there. Time will tell. I can't wait to see you!