Unexpected Calls

It's that time of year again.
(What time of year? You ask.)

Tax season.

I know it when my phone starts ringing/beeping/vibrating several times a day and I don't recognize any of the numbers - because my cell number is one digit off from our local H&R Block.
(H & R Block, how much do you pay your secretaries? I ask.)

The calls don't bother me much, but I am always intrigued when I get voicemails that go something like this: "Hi, my name is _______________ and I was calling to set up an appointment to get my taxes done. You can call me back at ___________."

Because what part of "Hi, this is Rachel's phone, sorry I missed you" is hard to understand?


The Mayor (a former co-worker of mine, nicely enough) called me Friday to ask if I would like to be on the Housing Authority Board for the City. "You must have impressed somebody," he said.
(Or 210 people, I thought.)

I think I'll do it. Even though -or maybe because- I don't actually own a home here. Yet.


Tay said...

I love that you really didn't lose by that much. (Seriously.) But that you still have a voice, despite the people who don't know you.

You should change your answering message to "JEAN'S PHONE. LEAVE A MESSAGE FOR JEAN!" Except with your real name. (Appreciate my efforts at your anonymity. You're welcome.) And then say "JEAN JEAN JEAN JEAN JEAN" so they can't mistake it at all for an actual business.

Miriam said...

Our phone number has two digits transposed from one of the businesses here in town, I probably get a call for them about once a week. Annoying.

Fig said...

You impressed me. Does that count?