go Lady Cats, and all that jazz

Last Friday Slice and I attended a high school basketball game; my first in years. I figured we should probably go since it was a State game, at home, and we get in free.

(Our girls team is so awesome this year (20-1?) that they moved the boys Varsity games to 5:00 and the girls to 7:00. 'Cause everyone wants to watch the girls.)

Um, I forgot how loud those games could be.
I pondered wearing earplugs - the Dr. told me I should protect my hearing better from now on - but didn't think they would be necessary.
I was wrong!

I had to plug my ears almost the whole time.

Slice went all camera-happy during the game, snapping literally hundreds of pics while I buried my left ear in his shoulder, trying to get comfortable on those horrid bleacher seats. I'm pretty sure it annoyed him. Also, I love seeing who goes to events like that, often I am surprised. My parents have never gone to school games unless my brothers were playing. They are still uneducated in small-town community etiquette.

Anyway. We won! And the team won again last night at UVU, maybe because of the two packed student buses that didn't get home until the wee hours of the morning.

But if they keep winning, Lana will be gone Saturday during our marathon dress rehearsal.
(Center Stage shows next week!)

I'm torn.


Fig said...

Beau would like to thank you for the report about the girls' basketball trumping the boys'. He got a solid two minutes of guffawing out of that.

Syd said...

Then Lana is totally gone because we play for the championship today at 1:30! I'm glad you guys took pictures, they are so great! Good luck with your rehearsal!

SAM and RACHEL said...

is it odd that subconsciously my mind started singing the "onward with union til our goal is won....fight fight fight" song while scrolling through those pictures?

i dont think i even knew the words to that song while i was in high school!