My totally awesome Christmas break

1. Crepes Suzette, from the Food Network. Slice's contribution to

2. The annual family adult dinner. On the menu this year: king crab legs, shrimp, pork loin, sparkling cider, the Eddington classic grape ice. (And crepes suzette for dessert.)
Great food, greater company. Good times all around.

3. Family nativity + Christmas Eve pajamas, which I was totally not expecting. OK, so they aren't pajamas, but they sure are comfy.

4. No Christmas presents exchanged between Slice and myself. Our Christmas was Japan. Not a bad one, that. (Our new advice for newlyweds: HONEYMOONS ARE OVERRATED. Skip the honeymoon. Go on a real trip a year later.) (Just don't get pregnant right beforehand.)

5. Testing out the revolver that Santa brought "the family." Everyone knows it really was for Mom. We tried it out at the land and

6. I still can't hear out of my left ear, 3 days later. Hoping my hearing is not permanently damaged. How long should I wait before freaking out for real?
(Seriously. The left side of my head feels like it is sealed off. And there is chirping going on in there.)

7. The Family Flu went around, catching me last night. Spent 6 hours ridding my stomach of all contents. After the fourth trip to the bathroom, I brought my pillows with me so I could sleep on the floor. Does it serve me right for never having morning sickness?
(P.S. How do those women DO it? I would not get pregnant again if I had to do that every day.)

8. Slice is a saint. He stayed up all night with me, rubbing my back and feet and making me a bed on the bathroom floor, bringing me water, mouthwash, Sprite and Coke.
None of which really helped.


Heather said...

Thanks for the family Christmas pictures. You are the only one that takes them, or yours are the only ones I ever get to see. I hope you are feeling better today, and I hope that Dorian doesn't get it.... Have a good week!

Tay said...

After experiencing the throwing up every 36 hours during the first 5 months of being pregnant with Sean, you learn a few things.

1. If you want kids, this is just how it goes.
2. Do not eat spaghetti if you know the barf-fest is coming up.
3. DO drink soda (not juice or water) when you feel nauseous. That way it either makes you feel better or the contents of your stomach don't taste so bad. (not kidding about this)
4. Take off your glasses first.
5. A perpetual ponytail is a good idea. If you always keep your hair back, you never have to hold it back.
6. Keep a glass for water by the sink.

That's all. It's how I survived. Refer to this list if it ever happens to you.

progress lighting said...

Oh my heck , that looks so good!

Cade and Kelsie said...

I have been throwing up every day for almost 8 weeks but we do what we have to for that sweet baby we already love as long as they are healthy right? Just my two cents on the matter.

Anna said...

i threw up every single day until she was free from me!!! plus i got the flu too....yuck