new year

I have it on good authority that

Christmas = fun
New Years = disappointing

and generally, boys are to blame for the disappointment.

After years of Tri-Stake dances where the boys didn't show up, or just didn't dance, and other years of "exclusive" parties, I thought I would actually have a fun evening with my husband. I didn't.

This year, at least, was not too bad. Slice and I spent the holiday with our favorite Springville residents - future neighbors, right? - we stayed up late and slept in later. Over the course of 3 days we ate some fabulous Japanese food (thanks to Slice), finally spent our gift card at Sears, enjoyed the Marketplace Buffet at Brick Oven, and discovered the goodness of IKEA (2 trips, 5 hours and $150 later...I am the HAPPY! owner of this and some other things).
A successful trip, I'd say.

Welcome 2010!

(Can I have my hearing back???)

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Fig said...

I don't even understand how you could spend 5 hours in IKEA and only be out $150. You get some sort of prize for that.