By Numbers

Slice always lets me know when it's been too long since I blogged. (Usually he's not the first.)
But this week! My heavens!

Let me count the ways:

Three jobs. I worked a 10.5-hr day Monday and have been exhausted ever since. Not just because it was long, but because most of those hours were spent working hard. I started on inventory this week - standing, bending, lifting, climbing - and have tried to get as much done as possible every day.

Five bathroom trips in seven hours. I know it will only get worse. Thanks.

Two days (today and tomorrow) substituting at the Elementary School library. A different world entirely...And I've already been asked about the Twilight books! Poor dears.

One point two hours spent waiting in an office for the ear doctor, who talked to me for 5 minutes (tops) before sending me away with an appointment for a hearing test next week. Two options: nerve damage or fluids.

Two or three days I've forgotten to take my vitamins, which I'm sure is contributing to the fatigue.

Fourteen couples from our ward in the temple session Tuesday night, highlight of the week for sure.

Four inches I swear I have gained around my waist in a week. It hurts.

Approximately no sleep on account of achy legs, frequent tearing sensation in-the-stomach, and constant "Can't sleep on my back!" fears.

Two more days until the weekend.

One wonderful life.


Tay said...

You are so funny. :)

Sounds busy! I hope things continue to be busy so you don't have as much time as I did to fret about ... everything there is to fret about during a pregnancy.

Fig said...

Like you are afraid to sleep on your back? Or you just can't sleep that way?

With the strategic use of pillows and legs, I managed to sleep in normal positions (normal for me is on my belly) for quite a while. I'm too large now and the baby gets mad, but you could probably still pull it off.

Sorry for the long days.

Jean said...

I've been a side-sleeper for as long as I can remember, so I always thought pregnancy sleeping would be fine. But then I picked up the habit of back-sleeping in Japan (NOTHING was comfortable on the hardwood floors), and for some reason I just can't shake it completely.

Every book I've read says not to sleep (or even lie) on your back past 17 weeks .... something about suffocating the baby ... but my mom thinks that's bogus.

Anyway, sleeping on my side is a pain now because rolling over just about kills me. My organs don't like to stretch.

Bonnie said...

My doctor said that sleeping on your back is fine until your final two months - he said by the time you shouldn't, it'll hurt too much anyway. That's just what I've heard. Sorry you've been so tired! That's the worst!

Fig said...

Oh. Uh, I call BS. But I call that a lot with doctors.

I lie on my back all the time. Baby hasn't suffocated yet.

Fig said...

Ha, turns out I'm all talk. (Surprise!)

Last night I kept thinking about this and getting nervous every time I rolled onto my back. So I stayed on my side, just to be safe. :-)