It's Elementary

I've had nineteen K-3 classes come into the library. I talk to them a little bit about MLK-day and Civil Rights, then I give out library cards to those who brought their books, so they can check out new ones.
As you can imagine, the days have been really amusing.

Me: "Can anyone tell me what holiday we are celebrating on Monday?"
Kids: "Valentine's Day?"
"President's Day?"
"Um, like, a family holiday where you celebrate and eat food."

Me: "Now, who knows who Martin Luther King was?"
Kids: "A President!"
"Where's Mrs. Arko?"
"A guy who wanted everyone to be fair."

Top books checked out/requested:
Star Wars
Christmas - I can't believe how many Christmas books I've checked out!
Disney Princesses

"Whose sock is this?"
(Someone lost a SOCK. We never figured out who.)

"Teacher, I don't have a library card yet."
"It's OK. I can look up your name so you can check out a book."
"Samantha. S - A - M ---"
"What's your last name?"
"How do you spell it?"
"I have NO idea."

And, possible my favorite, is "What book is this?" from the kindergarteners. They don't even know what the title is or the book is about, they just pick books that appeal to them. I love it.

(Also, this Utah name phenomenon - is it really just Utah? - is getting out of hand, straight up. TAMN's right on; I've been able to pronounce about half of the kids' names by looking at them. The rest are outrageous. Parents! You are not doing your children a favor! Or any of their teachers, administrators, potential employers, etc. Think about it.)

(I promise I will stop blogging lists. Maybe. I think my pregnant brain needs things prioritized thus.)


Fig said...

It's not JUST Utah, but ... Utah seems to have the most of it. And the most creativity.

Miriam said...

That almost makes me miss working at an elementary school - I said, almost!

Piper Nicole said...
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Linnea said...

I posted this before - and then realized I wasn't signed in as me.
So I'll just post it again.
It isn't just Utah, but I think it's especially Utah. And it's absolutely ridiculous.
My name may be different, but at least it's a real name.
Also, I hate when people take a regular name and try to make the spelling all different. Why oh why? Why make it harder for your child for the rest of their life? There is nothing wrong with having a name that has been used before.
I'd like some examples of crazy names, if you remember any.

lady jane said...
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