The Day that Carolyn Worked her Magic

Warning: hair post ahead.
Well, mostly hair.

Yesterday I was thinking about hair, and c jane, and identity, and of course pregnancy.
(My hair is GROWING NOW!)
("Do we have to get a newsflash every time your body does something?" --What movie, anyone?)

If you know c jane, you know that she mentions her stylist about once a week, because she visits her once a week, which is strange to me; I thought that didn't happen past 1972. My siblings and I used to make fun of my grandma for her weekly hair appointments. We thought she would never move to the Basin and leave her stylist behind. Then she did.

But if you know me, you know that I get my hair cut about twice a year. And I dye it dark every winter, by myself, to fix the two-tone summertime highlights. With semi-permanent dye so I won't have to keep up the process (roots are so tacky). Low maintenance, please.
So yesterday was one of those hair-cutting days.
I was so sick of my hair I complained about it every day for a week. It hadn't been cut since The Great Chop of 2009. I told Carolyn, "Surprise me." She did!

I loved it! And so did Slice! (Triple score.)

He loved it so much, in fact, that when I got home he made me pose for a photoshoot during Biggest Loser commercials.

But the only three pictures I liked are the ones posted here. And they don't show my face or my haircut that well.

I'm just not photogenic, okay?

Take my word for it, the haircut's awesome.

Yesterday I also wore maternity clothes for the first time. Five months pregnant and finally wearing maternity clothes. Sweet.


Fig said...

I dig. You look hot in maternity clothes with awesome new hair.

(I'd LOVE to see a stylist once a week. Bliss.)

Miriam said...

Thumbs up for low maintenance hair styles! That's why I wear mine long - I find short hair a lot of work. I am guilty of the tacky roots, though, I'm not a regular attendee at the salon either.

Heather said...

I want a new haircut! It is darling! And I LOVE the maternity clothes. I can't wait to see you.

Eddington's said...

I love the hair, but I really love that you are wearing maternity clothes!! Not because you need them, but because it makes you actually LOOK pregnant!! Congratulations on the belly bump! Keep it growing!

Syd said...

Ha! We are a week a part and I can't even tie my shoes without passing out from not being able to breath! So not fair.

lady jane said...

Your hair is adorable.

Bree Anne said...

Already 5 months along?! So awesome. Ur most definitely the cutest prego lady with a new cute hair cut ever. Seriously.