coming along

We've started choreography practices for our Center Stage show coming up in March, which I'm getting excited for, because it's going to be SO GREAT. The kids are really, really fun to work with.
(Also talented.)

My baby bump is now at the awkward stage where I don't always look pregnant, just kinda pudgy.
Today I went through my clothes and packed the ones I won't fit in for another year or so ....[fingers crossed].....
but we haven't really been taking pictures of the ballooning. The best/newest we've got,
included especially for Megan -
- because I think it's funny.

And, Slice is back in school (college classes, that is) and has decided he wants to be a Japanese teacher. I remind him that he will have to go to more school to be a teacher, but he thinks he can get around that somehow.


amy morgan said...

Help is on the way . . . coming to your nearest in-laws this evening ;) Lori pitched in too - she has a much better/bigger selection, so you should be set! And the "getting around it" . . . I think that was inherited from Grandpa Sharp! He could find anything AND everything - INCLUDING ways to make things work out how he needed/wanted them to!

Eddington's said...

Oh THANKS RACHEL!! I love the baby bump...even though I still think it looks like you ate to much for dinner! :) It's cute though and you will get bigger... can't wait for that!
Center stage looks like it's coming along! You better record it so we can watch it sometime!
We love and miss you guys!

Heather said...

Great pictures! Way to go Slice! I think he'll be a great teacher!