Last week I was hating winter.

Hate is a strong word, I know; I try to use it sparingly. But I was seriously hating winter last week.

Everything here was bitter cold, ugly brown deadness - and my body hasn't adjusted to the cold yet.
My to-do list was five miles long (still is...) and somehow the days were both too short and WAY too long.
We're still putting our house together, moving furniture and reorganizing everything. We ate mostly chips and salsa for a week.
Outside happenings were taking over inside.
I dropped an Xacto knife, point down, on my foot.

Then Saturday night, as I slept, I was whisked into a Winter Wonderland.

In this Wonderland everything was beautiful.
I found the Mormon Tabernacle Choir station on Pandora.
My husband made delicious cheesy potato soup (from scratch of course) and surprised me with a candlelight dinner.
We sat in the glow of our Christmas tree and listened to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. And the choir sang Handel!
I could see pictures on blogs, even at school.
I wore two pairs of pants to work.

That two-pairs-of-pants thing was the best idea I ever had. You should try it sometime.


The Farrers said...

Putting your house together? Did you move or just decorating for the holidays?

I am also a huge double-pants fan! So glad you partook of the joy. In fact, I'm the president of that club right now with THREE pair of pants!

Linnea said...

Oh no!!! An Xacto knife on your foot...that is seriously one of my biggest fears. I hope you're okay. :-(
Two pairs of pants is a brilliant idea. Inspired.

Jean said...

Laurel, Angie and Dann moved back in upstairs! So (almost) all of their furniture, etc. is now upstairs and we have 4 'new' couches. I also had to dig out our dishes and stuff so we could eat.
It's been pretty fun.