For the Love of the Fam

One thing that really surprised me about Japan was the question "What generation are you?"
Meaning, "How many generations of your family have been members of the church?" It came up all the time!

If someone starts talking about pioneer ancestors here, everyone else's eyes glaze over ... because no one cares. But the Japanese do! They are proud -and RARE- if they are 4th-generation Mormons. I love that.

The question also surprised me because I had to really think about it before I could answer. On one hand there are the Halls, the Eddingtons, President Woodruff (obviously) and his wives' families who joined right at the beginning. On the other hand, my mother's mother is a pioneer.

So I've been thinking about the generational links that are sorely missing in our society today, in my opinion, and wondering how I can teach love of family to my children. I am realizing more and more as I get older, family is everything.

Earlier this week we had a family sealing session in the Vernal temple. Grandpa was the sealer, and we sealed 20 couples and 80 children together. (I didn't even almost faint this time...) My mother's been working for a long time to get these names ready.

What better Christmas gift could you give?

The experience was indescribable.

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Heather said...

Sure wish I could have been there. What an amazing day! Love you!