The weekend was great. I cleaned at home and Slice went to work, while we both battled jet lag. We're almost back to normal, I think.

Friday I took pictures for some friends (I have no idea how they found out I could...) and they kept me laughing the entire time.

Saturday we watched THE football game on delay: homemade pizza + DVR + starting the game 2 hrs. late = the only way to go. You can skip all the commercials and boring stuff. Slice rooted for the U while I rooted for the Y, which I thought was awesome.
And Max Hall, blah blah blah, I don't really want to talk about it.
That pot has been stirred enough.

Sunday we had a super-packed sacrament meeting with one missionary leaving and another coming home. The one coming home asked me to sing "When All is Said and Done," a song I performed a few times right after I graduated from high school. Emotionally charged doesn't even begin to describe the experience ...
It wasn't my best performance ever.

Now some things are happening here in the Roos that have a direct influence on my life, my Slice, our not-so-distant future. I could easily say it will determine our future.

We just keep stirring....


Tay said...

haha! "Max hall blah blah blah" You crack me up! But I feel the same way. He always was one to lose his temper without thinking about the consequences.

I wonder what will happen with the golf course. How crazy all of that has been going on and they basically have to start all over or fold or find somebody with lots of money to fix it.

Fig said...

Haven't even read the whole article yet, but can I just say, one of the best opening lines ever?

"Roosevelt's municipal golf course is in horrendous shape and a new management direction is urgently needed to restore it from the depths of mediocrity..."


Fig said...

And now I have read it. And I shall go and sit on my hands and seethe privately.

Big Rob said...

Is Dorian the business partner of Black Clover?

I will talk this over with the Fig later.

Jean said...

Rob, no he is not a Black Clover partner. If he was we could be rich by now. But I already told about this whole thing, did I not?

Fig...that first sentence is delicious to me.
I didn't know there WERE depths of mediocrity.

amy morgan said...

AH, such fun when your life is in someone else's hands. pthhht.
It'll work out for the best . . . it always does, right?! ;)
And, I know I've brought this up before - - but I never know who to cheer for this time of year. The school that provided the "snarky one" with his education and thus MY LIFE, or the school that held my DEEP devotion for a majority of my younger days?! (though I never made it there!!) Don't tell, but I smiled a little at the end of the game ;)
But not at Max's "blah blah blah"!