Did you hear about the Morgans?

Yeah, me neither.

Slice and I celebrated our 18-month anniversary on Sunday. (And by "celebrated" I mean I remembered when we had gone to bed for the day. Slice claims he remembered in the morning, just forgot to mention it to me.) Eighteen months? Where did the time go?
Just kidding! It seems like we've been married FOREVER.

This morning our backyard looks like this:
And Slice has been practicing making crepes:
for our fancy adult Christmas dinner tonight.
(I'll post pictures of the finished product later.)

Also, I am trying to eat more, because I'm four months pregnant and have gained approximately 3 pounds.
Not complaining, just saying.

Still 7 pounds less than I weighed eighteen months ago.


Fig said...

Don't bother with the eating more. In my whole first trimester and most of my second, I gained probably 6 pounds.

... And I've added 10 more in the last couple of weeks.

It will come.

Cade and Kelsie said...

Keep gaining...I've lost weight currently, but I figure it will come. Hope you have a great Christmas!