If you give a Slice a paintbrush

If you give a Slice a paintbrush, he'll want some paint to go with it.
If you get some paint from Ace (20% off, thanks President's Day sale), he'll want to paint the kitchen.

So much beige/tan!
If you start prepping the kitchen for paint, he'll think about replacing the faucet.
If you think about replacing the faucet, he'll want to replace the countertops/backsplash/appliances and you'll have to agree to wait on those, because this project could get WAY out of hand really quickly.
But you will let him replace the faucet, because it's pretty nasty and rusted and yellow.
(Of course that takes three times as long as it should.)
(75-year-old house, remember?)

When he gets the new faucet put in, you can start cleaning everything up.

may need some new decor...

While you're cleaning everything up, you might hear a knock at the door and open it to find this: 

which was a pretty awesome deal from Overstock (refurbished, 17% off, thanks President's Day sale!).  And when you find it, you're going to want to use it, so you'll make these:

Of course Slice will want one.
But if you give Slice a cookie, he might want a paintbrush to go with it.....


Linnea said...

Looks great!! How are you liking the kitchenaid?

Jean said...

I am LOVING the Kitchenaid. It is so big, and quick. I made that first batch of cookies and was like, "this isn't even going to make a dozen!" Then I started scooping and scooping and it never made a dent in the cookie dough ....
Six quarts is a really big bowl. :)