Here's something that happens when you live in the oldest neighborhood in town: ambulances.

There have been at least four times in the past year that we've seen ambulances in front of our immediate neighbors' homes.  We never really know what to do about it .... head on over before the stretcher comes out? Call the RS President?  Ask if we can help?
What do you do?

This morning I was up at 1:30 with a crying (teething) girl when I noticed lights flashing in my kitchen window.  I poked my head out front to see who got pulled over, and instead caught sight of an ambulance and police car parked at Donna's house.  A truck pulled up shortly after.  Donna's a widow and our favorite neighbor; we try to keep an eye on her.

I woke Slice and we watched for a long while, until we saw several people walk out the front door.  Donna was among them.  She was escorted to the truck, climbed in, and everyone drove away.

Aging is risky business.

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