It Pays to Listen

Since Slice spends most of his workday in a truck out in the middle of nowhere, he listens to a lot of radio.  Talk radio, mostly.
Do you know how much stuff you can win on the radio?  Slice does. He calls in during contests, etc. and wins free Papa Murphy's pizzas, free Taco Bell meals, fire extinguishers, $150 at the local jeweler (redeemed for this) ...

He also started listening to Dave Ramsey a few weeks ago, and as a result, we are financially planning ourselves out of debt and into great wealth. (Ha.)

I joke about it but I'm almost as excited as he is.  I'm naturally more of a penny-pincher than Slice anyway.  We've been following Richard Paul Evans' advice for over a year, but for some reason, Slice is all fired up about Dave Ramsey's steps.  The plan is to pay off all our non-mortgage debt within a few months (we refinanced to a 15-year mortgage loan last year) and start saving a lot more.  We're blessed to have an income that exceeds our living expenses - plus a yearly bonus and tax return coming up! - but we know all too well how the world can come crashing down in a matter of minutes.  I don't want to go through that ever again.

At the same time, and as a complementary effort, we plan to beef up our food storage and start making more from scratch.  I've been feeling like we should do this for a while now.  I have my eye on a couple things that will make it much easier, and since I'm looking, does anyone have advice about buying Kitchenaid mixers and/or large crock pots?


amy morgan said...

I suggest a crock pot with a timer - not just the kind that you can set to cook for a certain amount of time, but one that you can set to START and END at a certain time...
I learned the difference the sad way!

Bonnie said...

Buy one of the BIG kitchenaids! I think there are 6-quarts and 5-quarts. I love our 6 quart one and can't imagine how people live with smaller ones!

In other news, I should comment more often over here. You always post great insights into everything (namely: the human condition).

Linnea said...

I like Dave Ramsey.

I agree with Bonnie - get the bigger Kitchenaid! The 6 quart one is great.

I got a crock pot when we got married that I love. Love love love. It is a Hamilton Beach one, and it has three different sizes of bowls, it's like 2, 4 and 6 quart. I like it because sometimes I'm doing smaller things (I make a yummy caramel pie by putting sweetened condensed milk in the crock pot, and need a smaller bowl for that) and it's easy for storage because they all just nest inside each other.

What Amy says about having one that you can set to start and end at a certain time sounds interesting. I really need to use my crock pot more. I have a few recipes I'm wanting to try, but as soon as you find some good ones Rachel please share.

Jean said...

Thanks guys! Several people have recommended that I buy a bigger Kitchenaid so ... I guess I will forego the glass bowl option. Bummer.
Leia, your crock pot sounds awesome. I'm looking at the ones with locking lids (for easy transport), wonder if I can get all these options without it costing an arm and a leg?
Bonnie, you're sweet. :)

Shaun at Oak Den said...

I actually use my Bosch a lot more than my Kitchen Aid, and always for bread making. Often I'll just use a hand held mixer for cookies or what not. I'm not sure what your main purpose will be for the Kitchen Aid, but if it's for bread/rolls/pizza dough go for the Bosch. And I have a great bread recipe for 3 loaves in about 1.5 hours with the Bosch. No, I'm not getting paid...!