Uh Oh

My girl officially has an official first word: "Uh oh."

Maybe that's a commentary about our lives right now, or maybe she just FINALLY got over her fear of falling (my fault?) and realized that walking is, generally speaking, an easier way to get around.  Let the bumps and bruises begin!

I just love this girl to pieces.  She's usually smiling, don't let the picture fool you.

In other news, it's Wednesday again?  Already?
Wednesdays are my piano days.  I teach 8 students from 3:30-7:00, and it's looking like I may have a voice student to fit in as well.  The schedule works out perfectly.  My brother Braden comes to my house right after school (while the kids are still napping) and stays until Slice gets home; I go to my mom's and hope everyone shows up on time.  (Unless I'm hungry, in which case I like some time between lessons to snack.)  At the end of the day I have some extra spending money, and I feel like I'm using my talents/contributing to the greater society.  Bam.

Anyway, I'd love to stay and chat but I just found a website where I can watch all of Downton Abbey Season 3 ...


Emily said...

First of all, your baby girl is adorable. Second of all you MUST share this website with me... I can't handle waiting week to week for each episode, haha!

Lauran and Dustin said...

I shoulda known you were a Downton girl :) You'll have to pas along the website. Also, when I'm done with this grad school thing I keep thinking about how much I want to get back into music--and teaching is a big part of that. Maybe you can teach me how to teach voice (after I take a few lesson from you myself!!!)

Now that our girls are both mobile we need to get them together so they can really get to know each other--and so their moms can talk about being moms and catch up :)

Jean said...

Yeah right Lu. I need voice lessons from YOU. Yes, we should get together, and yes I was a Downton girl even before everyone else was, I swear.