bruised and broken

I've never considered myself a klutz, but after the last two years I'm starting to rethink.

Friday morning I picked up MG and started downstairs for her nap.  I slipped and landed on my tailbone, mostly underneath her, I thought.  But I couldn't calm her down for half an hour.
I gave her a dose of ibuprofen, rocked and sang and snuggled her, and got her to sleep a few times.  As soon as I put her down in her crib she started wailing again.

Eventually she fell asleep in the crib and I started making phone calls: Slice, mom, Dr's office, mom.  (See how I am?)  I decided to wait until she woke up, see how she was acting, and take her in to the clinic if I needed to.  She woke up crying until I picked her up.  I set her on the ground and she was fine.  Then she tried to move ... and started screaming again.

I took her in.
We waited an hour for Dr. Staker but I couldn't complain; he wasn't even supposed to be there.  He checked her out (screaming!) and ordered X-rays, which took another hour (much more screaming!).  This was the worst part.  They had to hold her legs out in order to get good shots from the hip down, and I couldn't be in there with her.  They had to take more and more X-rays without a diaper, on the other side, etc. etc. It seemed to take forever.

Finally the word: broken left leg, just below the hip.
A cast for this injury would be a living nightmare - and because the fracture is still stable, we won't cast it unless we absolutely have to.  MG only has pain when she moves that leg so I just try to keep her immobile. All things considered, she's doing all right.  It could have been a WHOLE lot worse and we are counting our blessings.

Plus, I have some nice bruises.


amy morgan said...

:( ouch.
poor girlies!! Hope you both heal quickly...
As miserable as she may be for awhile, the good thing is, she won't remember any of it!

Fig said...

My heart is just broken over this. But you know, it happens. (Lest that first sentence sound accusatory - I would never!) Kalli's kid has a broken leg right now too. It's just one of those things, but it absolutely kills me. Poor baby. And poor mama.