I learned something last week.

You people who have kids, who also have parents/siblings close by who are begging to watch said kids at the drop of a hat, for any length of time - YOU PEOPLE HAVE IT SO EASY.

Last weekend Slice and I drove our little family to Cedar City, Utah, to visit Slice's parents who moved there in January.  We don't see them often, obviously, so they were more than happy to play with Liam and MG while Slice and I went out on the town.

We went out on the town!

Thursday afternoon we went to Les Miserables.  Box seats.  Awesome.
(I cried.)

Slice didn't know anything about it, so I got to explain some things and tell him about Uintah's production years ago (that rotating stage!).  It totally took me back to our honeymoon and Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian, and how I wish we had more opportunities to do stuff like that.  Too bad we live out in the middle of nowhere.

After the very looooong play, we got back to visiting with the parents and lounging around.  We basically watched TV for the next two days, except when we went swimming, playing at the park, and eating.  Also, when Slice and I got out two more times without kids!  What a life.

Moral of the story:  we'll be returning to Cedar soon.


Miriam said...

??? You...who have a truck load of relatives in town? We never lived any where near any relatives, I felt like I never got away from my kids for all those years. I know exactly what you are talking about, but I'm a bit surprised to hear it!

Jean said...

:) We do have a truckload of relatives in town. But they're all pretty busy!