while my little one sleeps

I'll tell you about MG's sleeping.

One day a couple months ago, I put her down for a nap at 5:30 in the evening.  She was exhausted and ornery after only two short naps that day. I figured she'd sleep for a couple hours, then be awake another couple hours before we put her down for the night.

She woke up at 7:30 the next morning.

That's been our schedule ever since.

MG is now taking two 2-hr naps a day and sleeping from about 7 pm to 8 am, or later.  It is BLISS.
She loves to sleep!  She'll sleep in a pack and play pretty much anywhere, if it's semi-dark and there is some white noise in the background.  In Cedar she was so tired she didn't wake up when we turned on the light. (See above.)

So ... we finally put MG in Liam's room at night.  We've tried a few times before, but after this week, it's a done deal.  MG sleeps just fine - Liam's the one sneaking into our room at night (multiple times) for no reason.  I guess he just wants to be carried back to bed.

Hooray for sleep!  And for my girl!


Lauren said...

Lucky you!!

Fig said...

You and I are not on speaking terms as of now. I'll let you know when the embargo is lifted.