from Sweetwater, PC

I'm sitting in a condo in Park City listening to the Veggie Tales version of Esther (Sabbath-appropriate Netflix fare, not so easy to come by), realizing it's been a week since I posted.  Oy.

MG is doing better, although her previously wonderful sleep schedule has been thrown under the bus.  She wakes up at night, she cries when we put her down, she takes short naps, she is tired and whiny all day!  Especially now that we aren't at home!

Also, I haven't had a bruised tailbone since a 7th grade sledding injury and .... you know how it is. We never appreciate our perfectly working bodies until they aren't working perfectly anymore. 

My parents have a timeshare in Sweetwater this week (they've been here almost annually for 10 years) which they couldn't use until Tuesday evening, so we snatched that right up.  There's a pool, hot tub, Comcast, and shopping 20 minutes away.  Perfect!  We got here last night, spent the morning watching Felix Baumgartner break records (Holla Österreich!) and the afternoon with Grandma Sharp in downtown SLC.  We attended church in the building where Slice and I held our wedding luncheon, which was cool.  First time I've been back.

Some cell pics to prove it.

someone tell me when Liam will stop closing his eyes when he says cheese...?
SPEAKING OF CELL PHONES,  remember how I love my Nexus sooo much? Or rather, used to?

The past few months it's been freezing up, shutting off at random inconvenient times, not turning on, not staying charged, cracking on its face.  Okay, that last one was my fault.  But still - we are due for updates and therefore, on the hunt for new phones. 
I'm leaning toward the newest version of Slice's phone, because it is unbelievably cool, although I will admit I sometimes step back and think, "Do I really need this??"
Short answer: need is a strong word.  No I don't need it, but holy cow YES it is useful.  And I've used my smartphone more than any other single thing I've ever had, hands down. So I'm gonna say the money was worth it.

That's all.

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