Rome wasn't built in a day

.... but it could have been destroyed in one.  With modern machinery, that is.

We got a letter a couple months ago requesting our presence at a public hearing discussing the zone-change of a lot across the street from us.  It was the lot adjacent to the ever-busy McDonald's, and the people in charge planned to raze the house and extend its building/parking lot.  The motion passed, which we were glad about, because the current state of the McDonald's parking lot is hazardous to say the least.  There are near-accidents every single day in that intersection.

(I've been saying forever that they should just open another one with a PlayPlace in Roosevelt.  It would alleviate the parking problems here, provide a place to play for little ones in the winter, and do very well financially, I'm sure.  Why does no one ever ask me about these things??)

Three weeks ago we saw some equipment parked on the lawn, and the next day the house came tumbling down.  Within a matter of minutes.

The garages of these two houses touched each other.  Building code what?

Our neighbor Donna watched with us.  She's lived on the same corner for over fifty years, and has seen quite a bit of change in this little neighborhood.

By evening everything was cleaned up except the concrete, which took another couple days to break up and rip out.  Even the massive pine tree was reduced to a log and moved over to our property.

Now they're forming and pouring more concrete and preparing to building on, making lots of noise and causing more problems in the already cramped space.

Hope it helps!

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