The Sleep

For most of my life I was a sound sleeper.  Like, fall asleep and wake up in the exact same position sound (although not "sleep through a fire alarm" sound).  I've always been a side sleeper and for several years would lie on one side to chat, then roll over to sleep.  It was a perfect system.

Then things got crazy.

I shared a bed with various sisters growing up, so sharing wasn't a big adjustment when I got married.  But when I got pregnant and spent a month in Japan, my sleep life was ruined forever.  I tried new things: extra pillows, back sleeping, stomach sleeping, hanging limbs off the bed.  Something might be good for a night and never again.

Now after two pregnancies and babies, I still can't get back to my old side-sleeping self.
I also can't sleep anywhere but my own bed.

Over the last year Slice and I have slept on futons, guest beds, hotel beds, condo beds, hide-a-beds ... with and without babies waking us in the middle of the night.  It doesn't seem to matter for me.
I get annoyed by lights, noises, covers that aren't heavy enough, pillows that strangle me (thyroid issues).  Slice sleeps soundly while I toss and turn all night.

This weekend after a couple of particularly bad nights, Slice put it succinctly when he said, "It's so weird! You can nap everywhere but you can't sleep anywhere!"

Isn't that weird?


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Heather & Nick said...

Haha I like Dorian's comment about napping and sleeping.... I have similar habits. Sit me on the couch with a movie and I'll sleep. Or a movie theatre for that matter!