A Politician at Heart

Remember how there was a pool hullabaloo in Duchesne County a couple years ago?
The proposition got voted down.  By a large margin, in fact.  It was devastating for many of us.

The dream didn't die, but was put to rest until other Basin residents took it up.  A new committee formed and quietly made plans.  Last week was the all-important City Council meeting, where the council would decide whether to support the new project or not.  I walked in and sat for two hours, listening to my neighbors and doctors and coworkers and friends have a passionate, respectful discourse about how to improve our community.

I left inspired by the goodness and the vision of those around me.

The next day I recounted the evening's events for my mom, who had missed the meeting.  She smiled as I told her how pleased I was by the outcome, then surprised me by saying, "You're just a politician at heart."

I've been thinking about that ever since.  Am I really?

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Fig said...

I'd vote for you.