Kitchen Discoveries

Slice and I can peaches every year.  I'm not the best at home canning but peaches are the one thing I WILL can forever and ever, amen.  There is no comparison between the home-canned and the store-bought.  None.
We sliced and processed 14 jars, then realized we were out of empty quart jars with half a box of peaches left.  I had an idea: freezer jam.  I'd only had strawberry freezer jam before, which is great, and I had extra pectin from making it earlier this year.  Also, the container had a recipe for peach jam.  So the next night I pureed and chopped and mixed and poured, and YOU GUYS.  THE MOST DELICIOUS THING YOU HAVE EVER TASTED.  If you have tasted it, that is.  If not, you really should.  I've been planning meals around my peach freezer jam (crepes, toast, PB sandwiches, pancakes, french toast....).  I eat it every day, multiple times.  I look forward to it when I'm away from home.  I want to marry it.

I also pinned a cookie recipe last week that looked so good I had to make it that day.  I was not disappointed.  I made the cookies again Saturday night, rolled in raw sugar (the first time I used regular white sugar).  I didn't like the raw sugar as much, but Slice liked it better. Go figure.

Then last night we made ice cream in baggies for FHE, which I haven't done since 11th grade chemistry class.  It was a hit.  Slice liked it so much he's made it 4 times, with chocolate syrup instead of sugar, milk instead of cream, etc. etc.  I guess it's healthier than the Breyer's stuff that I love ...

Good eating around here, folks.  You should come visit.

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SAM and RACHEL said...

I still have the recipe Dean uses every year! It's super yummy and we've done it too over the years. So fun....except my hands freeze!