to the eye

Last week I met up with my sister Kiana in downtown Salt Lake and we spent a couple hours at Temple Square.
I wouldn't recommend doing this with two small children and no stroller.
(You'd think I hadn't been doing this for over two years ... I still forget pretty important things.)

However, I would recommend visiting the second floor of the Church History Museum, which houses not only a children's interactive exhibit but also the winners of the Ninth International Art Competition.  Ki and I wandered through, soaking it in as well as we could with Liam and MG toddling about.  It made me realize how much I miss art museums.

(See: here and here and here and here)

I would link to my favorite pieces from the competition, but I can't, so I'll just tell you: Early Spring, 1820 by Jeffery Robert Pugh, While Mary Sleeps - Morning by Lester Lee Yocum, John the Baptist, Alexander Carlson Rane.  You can look through the online gallery if you're so inclined.  It just won't be the same.

Speaking of ... would you believe that no representation of The Kiss does justice to the piece?  I'm not even a Klimt lover and WOW.  I'm telling you, in person it is mesmerizing.  The gold SPARKLES.

So I want to know. do you have a favorite artist?  (I fell in love with this one in Prague.) What makes him/her your favorite? Do you have this artist's work in your house?  What would your piece of choice be?

I'm also a fan of Rembrandt.  Etchings, mostly.


Fig said...

I love Van Gogh, Brian Kershisnik (the nativity, OMG!), and all sorts. Just found a few new artists/pieces on Pinterest the other day that I'm dreaming of. Here is my measure of how I'll know I've "made it": my house will be full of art and fresh flowers.

Jean said...

Ah! The Nativity was at the MOA when I was at BYU, I stared at it for (seemed like) hours.
And in one conversation I had with Slice, he asked what I would do with hypothetical extra money. (You know, all the money I save by not getting my hair cut regularly ...)
I said "sheet music and art."

amy morgan said...

As an uncultured sloth... I must admit I am partial only to the art that hangs, by magnet and/or tape, on the fridge and my bedroom door ;)

key-a-nae said...

What a great experience :) My professor today told the boys to take a date to the church history museum and in my head I thought, "Oh pick me! Pick me!" but, I don't actually know any boys in there, so it might not work out. I love lots and lots of artists, but I like impressionist paintings a lot. Great post!

Danielle said...

When I saw the title "to the eye" I was expecting an intensive post about your tree trimmers- - -"to the eye, they were trashy chain smokers with seemingly NO professional equipment, but they did a fantastic job!' You know, something like that. I hope it went something like that ;) And I hope there's a blog post about it!!

But on to the real subject at hand.......my favorite well known artist is Van Gogh, but I L.O.V.E. Hue over at http://www.hueandhum.com/. When our family is complete (aka I have my last child) I really want her to sketch a family portrait of us!

Jean said...

Dani, I like your thinking. And yes, there is a tree trimming post coming, but maybe not until they do the back trees in a few weeks ... that will be the drastic change!