Eight Things

.... that I love about Slice.

When he comes home from work, he drops his stuff and goes straight for the kids.  He changes diapers, he wrestles on the floor, he takes Liam to run errands with him.  He even makes dinner, pretty frequently.

He puts the kids to bed.  He and Liam have a nightly ritual after family prayer: brush teeth, bedtime song, "tooth medicine" (fluoride).

He lets me take naps.  (Okay, he makes me take naps sometimes.)  He takes care of the kids so I can go to two-hour city council meetings, and Bunco night, and Relief Society activities.

He notices things.  Like the light fixture in the bathroom at Chuck-a-Rama. I love that.

He doesn't gloat too much when the Holy War goes badly for me....

He pays for other people at restaurants.

He talks about politics ALL.DAY.LONG.  Well ... actually I get sick of it, but I'm glad that he cares.  If he DIDN'T care we'd have a bigger problem on our hands.

He tells me to blog.

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