A Fate Worst Than ... Pregnancy

Most of you already know that after years of putting it off, I finally got my wisdom teeth out.  All four were impacted, the bottom two were growing sideways into my other teeth, I was developing cysts and having periodic infections plus jaw pain.  It was time.

Anyway, I wrote that I got them out on Facebook.  What I didn't write on Facebook - and what may or may not actually be true - is that I'd rather go through childbirth UNMEDICATED than have oral surgery.
Let's talk about the pros and cons here.

Oral surgery cons: numb mouth (HATE), teeth pulled (HATE), mouth holes, stitches (DOUBLE HATE), gauze (you get it), bleeding, drooling, inability to swallow, constant pain for at least a week.  I can't think of any pros.  Maybe being under deep sedation during the most excruciating part.

Childbirth cons: nine months of differing stages of misery, excruciating pain for hours on end, excessive bleeding, possible complications.  Pros: a beautiful baby that you made! People bring you meals! And gifts!  You can eat whatever you want!  You get to snuggle a little sweet-smelling creature that sleeps most of the day!

Here's the thing: I've had to ask for extra pain meds (something other than Motrin) only once after childbirth, for cramps.   I got a dose of Percocet.
Over the last week I have been on Lortab constantly because if I let it wear off the pain is terrible.  It is messing with me worse than any hormones, yo.  Crazy dreams, depression, irritability, fuzzy vision - occasionally feels like the cogs in my brain are slipping out of place.

I guess a baby costs four times as much?

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