Golden Arches

It's a rare opportunity we have, living right next to the busiest McDonald's in the state.*

We get the extra traffic by the house during mealtimes - at all times, really - fast food garbage dumped on our lawn, greasy smells wafting through the neighborhood, thumping music at all hours from the cars in the drive-thru, random cars parked in our back lot because there's not enough parking next to the building.  (Not for long!  They're tearing down the house across the street to put in more parking!)

Last night was the biggest treat.  Slice and I woke up around 3:00 this morning because our dog was barking incessantly.  We listened for a while before Slice went out to investigate.
I kept hearing a honking sound, and then Hagen would start up barking furiously again.  I wondered if there was someone in our back lot with a duck call or something, pestering the dog.

After a while Slice returned to report that there was a car parked in the McDonald's drive-thru.  He couldn't see it at first because the building was closed for the night, the lights off.  Whoever was in the car had a bike horn that they were honking at my dog.  To make him bark.  At 3:00 in the morning.

Seriously, people?  You don't have something better to do?

*Not an exaggeration.  It's fairly well-known that our McD's is the top-grossing in Utah.  That's what happens when you have no other fast food choices within 25 miles.

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alexis joy: said...

My parents Subway is often the top grossing Subway in the state. They top rotates between us and BYU usually.